Frameless glass fencing Melbourne

When it comes to choosing a fence for the swimming pools, the frameless glass pool fencing is definitely the choice of many, and for all the right reasons. These transparent fences function exactly as their name suggests – no blocking of the view. And while you can see through them, say, into the pool, across the balcony, and in the outdoors, they provide you and your children ample security.
Frameless glass fencing has come a long way since its inception. There has been a consistent improvement in the quality, strength and the design of the glass.
Glass and Fencing Warehouse brings you DIY frameless glass fencing in Melbourne, so that you do not have to look elsewhere. The presence of a reliable and an affordable service in your city gives you an opportunity to deal with the professionals who excel at their work.
When it comes to installing frameless glass fencing in Queensland, few match the skill and expertise of Glass and Fencing Warehouse. Unlike other local services that charge a lot or provide substandard installation services, we believe in quality. In our long experience of installing frameless glass fencing, we have not received a single complaint or a negative feedback from the customer. Our identity is our services, and our services are impeccable, professional, and reliable.
Allow us to install stylish and secure frameless glass fencing system in your house to accentuate the look, beautify the view and secure the boundaries. We have extensive experience and knowledge of frameless and semi-frameless fencing installation that meet Australian safety standards.
We offer the following specifications for the Melbourne frameless glass fencing:
• 1200 mm high x 2000 mm long x 12 mm toughened glass panel with polished edges
• Worked out with round core drilled spigots and cover plates
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