Frameless glass fencing Queensland

Planning on installing frameless glass fencing around the swimming pool or on the balcony? We can help. We are a local fence contractor and installation business that provides a range of installation solutions to its customers in Queensland and the rest of the country.
So, whether you plan to install DIY frameless glass fencing in Queensland or glass fencing in Queensland, you can contact us for flawless professional services.
As our installers help you to install the fence, they provide you with consultation and expert tips on how to maximize and enhance the look of the swimming pool or balcony. In fact, we are known not just for extending our professional services, but also for our amicable and friendly demeanour. Working with us is a pleasant experience. A large number of our customers vouch for it.
In frameless glass pool fences, we provide thick, toughened and durable glass for dual purposes:
• To enhance the look of the pool and the balcony with a transparent frame, and,
• To provide safety, particularly for toddlers and children. Safety is, and always has been, our priority. To ensure safety, we provide child-proof safety latches and our installers perform quality control tests on all gate fittings. We meet Australian safety requirements and standards.

In frameless glass fencing, we use 1200 mm high x 2000 mm long x 12 mm toughened glass panel with polished edges and stainless steel spigots. Depending upon your taste and preference, the frames can be round or square.
These fences are custom-made for a direct installation into the concrete or structural steel around the pool or balcony. The architectural fittings, including closing hinges, on the frame are made of stainless steel.
As for the installation charges, we are one of the most affordable local services in Queensland. We charge $199.00 for frameless pool fencing system installation.