Swimming pool fencing

Thinking about swimming pool fencing in Sydney? The best way is to consult specialists, such as Glass and Fencing Warehouse.
We invite you to use one of our DIY glass fencing systems and accentuate the outdoor feel with an uninterrupted view. Our services extend to all suburbs of Sydney.
The DIY glass fence system is one of the best and safest ways to fence the pool. Without attempting to modify the look or the morphology of your house, they look beautiful and are easy to clean and maintain. There are a number of varieties to choose from, for example, full frameless or semi-frameless glass fences.
Frameless glass fences are ideal for your pool if you do not want any obstruction of the view as well as the light. This glass fencing is a stylish continuation that does not compromise the look of your home. The toughened glass is 12 mm thick and built with stainless steel spigots. Our professional installers, who have gained both expertise and skill over time, core-drill on flange-base the frameless panel around the pool, as you require. Frameless glass fences come in round and square variety.
Semi-frameless glass is pretty much similar to frameless glass, except that it has metallic posts between each glass panel. The look, strength and quality are same. They offer just as much safety for children and toddlers.
At Glass and Fencing Warehouse, we have always prided ourselves on our top-quality professional installation services. We do so without hiking the price. In fact, if you compare our rates with our competitors, you will find us far more affordable than others. However, our low price must not let you think we compromise on quality. You are guaranteed to get the best glass products and installation services from us.
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